Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reason to Smile #24

Spring Has Sprung

Ask me my favorite season and I'll tell you: "Fall!" What makes fall so great in Ohio? First, Buckeye football. We're a bunch of nuts in Columbus (get it, nuts?)! Second, the leaves on the trees are gorgeous in the early evening when the sun is just beginning to set, which also happens to be my favorite time to be outside in the fall. I feel like there is just this calm in the world even for those brief couple hours before night swallows the day. Third, the temperatures are perfect for jeans and t-shirts, my favorite outfit! Fourth, the possibility of an Indian summer. One last warm weather hoorah before the seemingly never-ending winter months.

But these past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful in Columbus, Ohio and I must say I've got to give Spring some credit. In the past, I think I was looking so forward to warm summer weather after a dull, cold winter that I did not pay Spring its proper respect. What I have come to really enjoy about Spring is the longer days! I also love the sounds and colors of Spring. I love opening the window in my office, my car, and my home to hear the birds chirping, the distant chatter of people walking their dogs, and to feel the light cool breeze of fresh air.

Spring is also a great season for cleaning and nothing pleases me more than getting rid of baggage and lightening the load in my closets! I avidly donate clothing and home goods to various charitable organizations and my family and friends. Who doesn't like helping people once in awhile? It just makes you feel good! Or at least me.

I recently just cleaned out the spare bedroom closet in Shawn and I's house and went through some boxes of stuff that we shoved in there after the move and haven't touched in a year and a half. I also went through my "memory box" where I kept invaluable items like pictures, cards, school girl outfits, etc. I haven't been through this box in years and have since piled more and more keepsakes into the box until now it was too stuffed to get the lid on! I held on to some strange things and much to Shawn's liking, I cleansed my memory box of ex-boyfriends. Throwing away these items is not a cheap shot at the guys I've dated, it's just that it's time to get rid of the physical evidence and start my soon-to-be-married life without relationship baggage.

Now, my memory box is home to overflowing manilla envelopes of pictures from high school and college; letters, notes and cards from Shawn; and Theta Nu keepsakes - just a brief view of my past with plenty of room for my future.

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