Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reason to Smile #26


This time of year I am filled with anticipation. Anticipation of all the exciting events that come with Spring/Summer. As soon as the April showers are soaked up by the big Kleenex in the sky, I will begin the packing and unpacking routine.

Mr. & Mrs. Fry
My first traveling adventure will be to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to witness the "I dos" of Audra and Jon. I am so glad that I decided to purchase my ticket for this event last week! I fly out on May 8 at 6:05 a.m. which is quite early, I agree, but when you only get three days on a beach, you wanted to get in as much Vitamin D time as possible. I plan to take full advantage.

There will be a plethora of events for the wedding guests including a welcome dinner and drinks, multiple breakfasts, and of course the main event. And you know what I think is super cool? We don't have to wear shoes for the ceremony! You better believe I'm going to let my piggies dig in the sand; being barefoot is makes me feel so free.

Truxall Camp & Canoe
This will be my second annual Memorial Day weekend trip to Hocking Hills for this landmark event. It's a wonderful 2.5 days of camp fire cooking, coloring books, cabrewing, and bon fire dance parties. While we do shower everyday at the camp ground, it's so nice to just let nature take over your senses for a few days and not give a shit about your hair and make up. What fashion freedom I get to enjoy when camping in the middle of the woods: bandanas and bathing suits!

Put-in-Bay Girls' Getaway Weekend: Part 3
This year we are back and the group is better than ever. The PIBGGAW Board (yes, last year we created an official board and KTrux even wrote a constitution. Yes, we are official dorks.) has expanded the invitation list and we now have 10 beautiful broads gracing the island for a rowdy, relaxing weekend. Our PIB adventures are great due in large part to the proximity of the pool and bars, the bonds formed by sharing beds with chicks for two days, and the games we play to entertain ourselves while each of us takes our turn in the one bathroom. Yes, one bathroom, 10 women.

This annual summer weekend trip is one I look forward to every year because it is about female bonding on an island that gives you the freedom to do...well, whatever the hell you want. And this year will be extra special with the sweet duds we'll be sporting during our stay. We find a reason to make t-shirts for everything!

I am stoked for Shawn and I's honeymoon to the exotic island of St. Maarten! I have been looking up things to do and here is a list of musts: swim with dolphins, scuba diving/snorkeling, sunset dinner cruise, and a bar crawl cruise or two. We are staying at the Flamingo Beach Resort on the Dutch side of the island. I just can't wait to be in a place so beautiful with the love of my life. Is is August yet?

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