Monday, April 13, 2009

Reason to Smile #27

Easter Bunny

When I was growing up, I remember every Easter Sunday before church, my mom ("the Easter Bunny") would hide our Easter baskets and provide us with clues that had us scouring the house for our goodies.

As I got older, the baskets would just be sitting by the fireplace and Heather and I would help Casey find her basket since she was still into the concept of the Easter Bunny. This year, there was no basket waiting for me at home because I told my mom not to worry about getting it ready. She still got me a cute work out outfit but skipped the loads of candy that lined the bottom of my basket each year.

I love holidays because it's always a time when I get to see my family as many people do. It's also a time to eat massive amounts of food - healthy or unhealthy - with little guilt. So yesterday I spent the day in Shelby and Plymouth visiting both sets of grandparents (another reason to smile!) and playing Rummikub (it's a game like Rummy except with numbered domino-like cubes) with various members of the family.

When I came home, Shawn's brother and girlfriend had played Easter Bunny and packaged a basket of goodies together for me. So sweet of them! Shawn also played Easter Bunny and got me Marley & Me on DVD. I've read the book and have wanted to see the movie for some time. I hear it's a tear jerker, so I'll be sure to stock up on Kleenex before taking the plunge in viewing this heartwarming, puppy story. After reading the book, visions of Moxyn danced in my head and I am dying to see another dog top her antics!

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