Monday, April 13, 2009

Reason to Smile #28

Wedding Plans

With a little less than four months to go, I am anxious to cross things off the wedding to-do list.

1. Shawn and I's save-the-dates are in and we are addressing envelopes to send out this week!

2. My mom and sisters came down last Friday and we were able to get all the bouquets and boutonnieres done! They turned out so well and I am anxious to see them all together with everyone in their wedding attire!

3. I booked our flight to and from St. Maarten a couple weeks ago. I am so pumped for our honeymoon I could pee! I have been looking up activities for us to do while we're there and I am getting more and more excited. St. Maarten is beautiful, at least in pictures, and my grandparents confirm that it really is a beautiful vacation spot. I can't wait to see it for myself!

4. I am making my appointment to get alterations done on my dress this month. It's a little bigger than the first time I put tried on, so I guess that means I'm smaller. Yay for half marathon training :)

5. Shawn and I have our final meeting with the priest soon; whenever we can find a date that works for all of us.

6. We need to pick out the readings and music for the ceremony, which means we need to meet with the wedding organizer at the church here in the near future.

7. I'm trying to get our rehearsal dinner scheduled. We're doing an Italian meal for the wedding reception, so Shawn suggested we go Irish and have our rehearsal dinner at Brazenhead Pub. How fun! If only I can get them to call me back!

8. I am trying to put a list of songs together for the reception. Suggestions are welcome!

There are several more items on the wedding to-do list, but these are ones that are at the top right now. I'm so giddy for everything to come together...and to be Mrs. Ritter!

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