Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reason to Smile #32

Concerts and Trash Bags

Last night Heather, Jess, and I had a Stooge outing to see Jack's Mannequin with Matt Nathanson at the LC. It was a great show and I could see both in concert again. Though a drunk girl spilled her beer down my back and hit me in the head multiple times with her flailing arms, I still enjoyed my birthday concert (the tickets were a gift from Heather and Jess).

Before the concert, Jess and I didn't want to stand outside in line, so we headed to Boston's for a brewski and wings. Of course it wasn't raining when we went to the bar, but it was pouring when we were ready to head to the concert. One of the servers handed us clear trash bags and we cut face and arm holes in them and trudged through the rain and numerous puddles to the LC. We were quite a site and I'm sure Stacey and Clinton would have happily nominated us for "What Not to Wear". But desperate times call for silly measures, my friends.

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