Friday, April 24, 2009

Reason to Smile #34

Little Miss Sunshine

What is it about the sun that can transform moods? I find it difficult to be bothered by the stresses of work and life when the sun is kissing the ground and warming the air; the breeze is dancing through the trees; strangers walking outside forgo their jackets; and the open window whispers the sounds of life and nature in my ears. Have I painted you a pretty picture?

While the summer months bring plenty of sun, I tend to relish in the spring sunshine because it can so easily be plagued by rain and the remaining chilly temperatures of winter's end. Today, however, is a breezy, sunny 80 degrees - a preview of summer. A mood-boosting day.

So shine on Mother Nature and give us a reason to smile today!

Bonus: It's Friday and pay day!

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