Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reason to Smile #37

Always the Optimist

There are optimists and there are pessimists. Sometimes we are both in the same day, the same week. But this outlook on life is something we can control unlike the weather, how people drive, and the economy. So, will you be a pessimist or an optimist? I have been both and I must say optimism is a more attractive quality.

As a pessimist, I chose to dwell on all the ugly aspects of this world; of people, of places, of things. I looked for signs of failure and reasons to bitch about happenings in my daily existence. What I've come to realize is that pessimists are unhappy people. They are unhappy with themselves or some aspect of their life, and when they feel there is no solution, they look for ugly signs in the world to either make themselves feel better or know they are not alone. I was unhappy and although my pessimistic stint was brief, I remember how I felt and how those feelings were projected onto the people around me.

Most of my life, I have been the optimist. A happy-go-lucky gal just enjoying who she is and who she's with. I am happy to report I have retained my optimism and I see the beauty in this world despite the economy, swine flu, and the laundry list of work projects. You have to look for the good in all things in order to see it, believe it.

Optimists are attractive people. Smiles brighten our faces, our laughter makes others smile, and our moods cheer even the cloudiest of days. We are our own sunshine. Life is too short to be cloudy.

Life is never going to be easy, but its not as hard as people think. I have good days and bad, which is inevitable, but being able to see the good in nearly all situations makes the good days really good and the bad days not as bad.

Some say the grass is always greener. I say my grass is the perfect color.

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