Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love the Book You're With

Last night after my alumni club meeting, I came home to a relatively quiet house - Shawn at work until 11 p.m., the TV off, the clicking of dog toenails across the kitchen linoleum and the occasional thump/thwack of Moxyn's infamous and rambunctious tail beating against a wall, chair, TV stand, etc. It was the perfect night to spend being a book worm (or book nerd as Shawn so lovingly calls me).

After this year's fall/winter line up of prime time reality shows, sitcoms, and drama series, I haven't been able to get into much television lately besides baseball and the NBA finals (much to Shawn's liking). So I opted for a night of silent refuge with a good, no...great, book. Pounding the Pavement by Jennifer van der Kwast is a relatable story of a young, recently unemployed woman living in NYC and her bumpy search for a satisfying job and her unexpected love life. The writing style is amusing and real and the book has certainly peaked my interest.

I vowed to finish the remaining 200 pages, but between dogs wanting to play and begging to go outside, and the sleep fog decending on me, I have about 20 pages remaining. Still, it was a relaxing evening and the only thing that would have made it better is if I would have remembered I had that half bottle of Rosa di Rosa chilling in the fridge.

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