Thursday, June 18, 2009

Makeover Mayhem

Dear Sephora, I now understand you and my friends' obsession with you. You are a delightful dealership for makeup, offering "test drives" without the pressure of purchase. I'm sorry I waited so long to indulge in your free makeovers and Try Me's. Forgive me. Your new Beauty Insider, Holly

Yesterday was only my second trip into Sephora at Polaris. This time for my free, wedding makeup consultation; the first to actually set the appointment by referral from Audra. The experience was magical. Thank you, Ashleigh, for taking the time to tutor me and give me a beautiful wedding face! And for recommending the Korres powder foundation, which I shall use today.

When I looked at myself in the hand-held mirror, I thought I looked fab. It wasn't until I was in the Victoria's Secret dressing room trying on this:
that I realized I didn't look like me. I actually didn't recognize myself in the mirror and let me tell you, that is a strange feeling. Somewhere during the consultation I had switched nationalities. The eye makeup made my eyes look extremely almond shaped. I didn't realize how eye makeup can really change the entire look of a person. Now, I'm up for trying new makeup styles and I truly am appreciative of Ashleigh's consultation and hard work, but when I came home and Shawn said it didn't look like me, I knew that wasn't the wedding look I wanted.

I think I'll do some experimenting at home using some of the tips and tricks Ashleigh shared with me and see if I can concoct a wedding look that's me only better.

And if you're wondering, I did purchase the above swimsuit plus a sexy, sassy red one using my new VS Angels card. And now I'm officially done shopping for summer, seriously. I mean it. No more.

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Wendy768 said...

Haha...I love it! Welcome to the world of Sephora :) Only one of my favorite stores in the ENTIRE universe - no joke!

Try the MAC counter at Nordstroms - they helped me with my wedding make-up and they were awesome. They gave me exactly what I was looking for, when I hate to say, Sephora did not :(

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