Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet the Girls

Grady: Rescued in July 2006, she is our oldest fur-kid with the biggest attitude.

Likes: Friskies Turkey and Cheese dinner, catnip, sleeping in the chair, sitting in front of the TV while humans are watching it, and catnapping.

Dislikes: Moxyn, being held/cuddled against her will, dirty litter boxes, and waiting too long to eat.

Kilah: Adopted in March 2007. She is our shiest fur-kid.

Likes: Laying under the bed, chewing socks and other non-edible human items, playing with Moxyn, eating her food off the floor, cheese, her cage, barking at strange humans and dogs, and being scratched behind the ears.

Dislikes: Company, loud noises, being attacked by Moxyn, and stale kibble.

Moxyn: Adopted in February 2008. She is our most rambunctious, selfish, and dominating fur-kid.

Likes: Attention, cheese, eating things out of the bathroom trash can, laying under the bed with Kilah, walks, Kong balls, rawhide bones, barking randomly, running through screen doors, sleeping on the bed, having the area above her tail scratched, stealing toys from Kilah, annoying Grady, and playing with other dogs.

Dislikes: Not being the center of attention, baths, and rules.


Carrie Leanne said...

All three are so stinking adorable. Seriously. It takes me awhile to warm up to other people's pets but I would bet I would love yours instantly! I want a dog! And a cat!

beherenow said...

ohhh, i miss grady!!

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