Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Begin Countdown Sequence

31 days! Yes, in 31 days I'll be a married woman. My excitement is practically shooting out of my eye balls! But there are a few things (OK, several) left to cross off the wedding to-do list, and I'm developing a growing anxiety about fitting into my dress post-alterations.

First, the list(in no particular order):
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
  • Send out rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Write up and print out itineraries for the weekend
  • Welcome bag note
  • Design and print out programs
  • Pick readers and confirm readings with priest
  • Finish assembling bridesmaids gifts and Shawn needs to select groomsmen gifts
  • Pick first dance song and other notable songs for the reception
  • Seating chart and seating name tags
  • Confirm hair appointment time with stylist
  • Pay off DJ and photographer
  • Pick up Shawn's wedding band
  • Pick up wedding dress (July 22!)
  • Submit final numbers to reception hall and pay off reception (thanks Mom and Dad!)
  • I know I'm forgetting something...most likely...
So I should probably get started, right? I'm not stressed by any means and really this isn't going to take all that long to accomplish once I get going. And really I just want to get everything done and ready to go as much as possible by the last week of July so that I can relax the week before the wedding. Ha, relax. It'll probably be more like trying not to pee my pants with excitement and anticipation.

Now, back to my wedding dress anxiety. I love love love my dress and I just hope it fits after all the alterations. I'm not being intolerant, but it was difficult to understand the foreign woman who did my alterations, and I just hope she understood me, so that when I try my dress on again on July 22, it fits like a glove. Fingers crossed. I know she does this for a living and I'm sure she's fab, but I'm still nervous. I was feeling particularly skinny the day of my fitting, but lately I feel uber bloated and, no, it's not that time of the month.

So, my plan is to continue on my current workout plan - nearly every day, 30 to 60 minutes - and begin incorporating more cardio, i.e. running, into the mix. I haven't run much - OK, only two times legitimately - since the half marathon on May 2. I guess I thought I deserved some time off after 13.1 miles. I'm also going to avoid foods that bloat as much as I can, or just eat less of them. White breads and pasta are my weakness.

I've also considered a natural colon cleanse (My co-worker, KR, did the Master Cleanse), more fiber and water, because I read that the toxins and waste in your colon can cause bloating if they aren't flushed out quickly. I used to not have a problem flushing my system (mild IBS and lactose intolerance will do that to you), but lately I haven't been in the bathroom as much as normal. So needless to say I'm paranoid that excess waste in my colon is causing some bloating issues. Or it could be the white breads and pasta. Maybe I should take more vitamins?

Those of you who know me are probably thinking I'm crazy, but it's not a diet, it's conscious eating and healthy exercise. One of which will continue after August 8. I'll let you guess which one. I just want to look my absolute best on our wedding day, which will hopefully come naturally with the help of the blushing bride syndrome I'm bound to contract.

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Carrie Leanne said...

TEA is a really great natural energy booster and gets things going. I have completely gotten off pop now thanks to unsweetened tea for a lesser healthier caffeine option. Also, I swear by Activia yogurt in the morning on an empty stomach. It just keeps you regular and less bloated. But of course, I think you have a rockin' bod no matter what! It's all about how you feel though. Just keep incorporating cardio in and you're golden! You look gorg already!

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