Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obsession: Forever 21

Call me stereotypical, but many women have an addiction to shopping. Check your girl friends' interests or activities on Facebook and tell me shopping isn't on the list. Go on, tell me. Seriously, prove me wrong. The fact is, shopping is an easy pastime. How many times have you starred in this scene: You're bored on a late Saturday morning, your best friend calls and wants to do lunch. Where do you meet? Polaris? Easton? Post luncheon, you head over to the mall for a little window shopping. You chat, you visit a couple dressing rooms, and you let your best friend talk you into buying that pair of killer heels? Now, tell me that hasn't happened to you more times than you have fingers and toes to count on? Happens to me all the time.

In preparation for the wedding, though, I have cut back on my shopping extravaganzas. However, there is one habit I can't break. I stand by the fact that I do not have a shopping addiction, I simply have an obsession with shopping at Forever 21. Yes, there's a difference.

Some of you may scoff or turn your nose up at this establishment because you think the cheap prices equals poor quality (and in some cases it may, that's why there is a whole store of varying fabrics and styles). Or, this is my favorite, the clothes fall apart when you wash them. I'm not sure what you're doing to your poor duds to make them fall apart in your washing machine, because I wash my Forever 21 apparel regularly and I've been able to hang on to pieces for years. Yes, years. My suggestion: if an article of clothing is starting to fall apart after repeated cleanings, it's time to ditch that item and shop.

Now, back to my obsession. Forever 21 is a good mix of classic, trendy, chic, and edgy all at a reasonable price. What else is nice about the price? If you ruin the cotton dress during a night of heavy drinking and debauchery, you probably didn't pay more than $20 for it, so you don't feel quite as bad. Plus, there is, almost certainly, a similar dress in stock - even if you bought your ruined dress months ago - just waiting for you to give it a good home. Voila!

I have received countless compliments on my duds and 9 times out of 10, I bought them at Forever 21. And most likely the first thing out of my mouth after you compliment my top is how little I paid for it and where I got it, so you too can add it to your fashion repretoire.

Another of my Forever 21 favorites is the Fabulous Finds section. Right now, there is nothing over $16.50! I nearly laughed out loud at Banana Republic's yuppy Great Finds Under $100 section. Now, what kind of "ruh-tard" (sorry, another reference from The Hangover. I had to do it.) would I be if I bought a maxi dress at Banana Republic for $98 knowing I can purchase a similar maxi dress at Forever 21 for $24.80?

Whether you love or hate Forever 21, I can't bring myself to buy trendy clothing from many other stores. I just can't justify shopping in an overpriced, preppy store where most of the clothes don't stray from the same color palette, it appears you can't touch anything because it's so perfectly folded it appears sterile, and the salesgirl looks at you funny when you walk in wearing a worn out t-shirt and frayed jeans fearing that your lax fashion choices that day will give the store a bad rap. Call me crazy, but I already told you I was obsessed.

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cal ;) said...

the new forever 21 at polaris is AMAZING!

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