Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pet Peeve

Does anyone else find it rather irritating when people post depressing Facebook status updates in a sad attempt to solicit sympathy? It's pathetic.

Don't get me wrong, some sad news can be totally justified, i.e. loss of a friend, family member or pet or other catastrophic life events. But updates such as "*Name* has no friends" or any form of self-pitying or complaining that is not entertaining is completely uncalled for in my book.

What might be even more annoying is the fact that people actually comment on that crap and shell out heart-felt sympathies. You're just feeding the fire, my friends. Stop it.

I know you've all seen Facebook status updates like this, so can I get an Amen?


Carrie Leanne said...

HALLELUJAH! and Amen sista.

cal ;) said...


my favorite is "(NAME) is home alone on a friday night...sigh..." - um, get off facebook and go do something then?!

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