Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This and That

Dear Fall, thank you for a glorious couple of days. It's nice to see your face around here. Love, Holly

I just had to share my excitement: I've booked two weddings for 2010 to jump start my wedding planning business! And I've gotta tell ya, I'm loving my decision to move forward with this chapter of my life.

Hopefully this weekend I will get my web site, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages going. Although I am a little sad that I found a name very similar to the one I want for my business. I mean literally the same by one word. It belongs to a Columbus-based stationary/printing company. Now, it's got me thinking about changing my proposed business name. I'll take suggestions at this point.

So Shawn and I have decided to postpone our honeymoon until our one-year anniversary next August. Lack of funds call for desperate measures, people. We're less stressed not having to worry about coming up with the money to go over Thanksgiving, so it's a good thing.

I am officially obsessed with Glee! And watching TV shows on Hulu during my lunch hour.

Oh, and I forgot how funny this is!


cal ;) said...

yay for two weddings next year!! i'm so excited for you! see you saturday, lovey. :)

writtenbliss said...

Congrats on your bookings! I didn't know you were getting into the wedding biz! :) You'll be fantastic at it.

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