Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Would-Be Joy of Cooking

I'm not good at cooking. The best I can do is a pot of pasta or a batch of brownies from a box. Oh, and I can make decent tacos. And my husband can cook burgers on the grill, chicken nuggets in the oven and pancakes. Our meals aren't very creative, and more often than not we call a bowl of cereal dinner. Sometimes we surrender quickly to the Frosted Mini Wheats, but other times we pace from the pantry to the fridge many times contemplating our meal only to become frustrated by our lack of cooking skills. This lack of cooking skills, I believe, translates directly to our lack of grocery shopping skills. We try and try to purchase food items to make meals, but 9 times out of 10 we are unsuccessful unless we buy a frozen dinner in a bag. It's quite pathetic really.

I blame my mom. And she would probably blame herself too. In her early-40s, she's just now growing a steady pair of cooking legs. Both my grandmas are whizzes in the kitchen and make delicious entrees, side dishes and desserts. But it didn't rub off on me, or my mom really. So without a cooking role model, I have turned to many recipe books with little to show for it. It's not that I don't want to be learn to cook, I would love to. But when it comes to preparing anything extravagant, I lose interest in the length of time it will take to actually enjoy my creation. And maybe that's my problem, I haven't mastered the actual joy of cooking. I know for a fact I have mastered the joy of eating.

So what do you enjoy cooking? What recipes do you really have fun making?

Update 11/16: My mom told me she read this blog post and said she blames her mom (my grandma) for her lack of cooking skills to share with me. Apparently grandma liked to cook alone and never let anyone in the kitchen with her while my mom was growing up. My mom also reminded me of some easy things I do know how to cook and also gave me other suggestions that she uses. Thanks, Mom!


cal ;) said...

i just learned the EASIEST recipe for homemade stromboli...i'll send it to you if you want! also, breakfast for dinner is always awesome - get a waffle iron and follow the super-easy recipe on the bisquick box. make bacon and get some fruit, and that's another easy meal to make!

(you're impressed that i didn't just give you a pizza delivery phone number, right?) ;)

Tabi said...

My husband and I have the same problems, it is often a PB&J for Lor and cereal for the rest of us. But, I have recently fallen in LOVE with my crock pot. Chili is super easy and fun to do in the crock. Just brown some beef and let is sit for the day simmering in some tomato sauce (I use campbells tomato soup most of the time, actually! lol) and any favorite spices. We also do lots of pork and beef roasts in the crock pot.

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