Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My 100th post: I'm swearing off third-party travel vendors.

'Twas the week of Christmas and all through the house was bits of wet wrapping paper chewed in Kilah's mouth. Present #2 met it's fate this morning. I came downstairs to leave for work (10 minutes late) to find that Kilah had successfully unwrapped another present under the tree and left the wrapping paper in chewed up pieces on the floor. Super.

Then, Shawn emails me to tell me he's been on hold with Orbitz for 40 minutes trying to rebook our honeymoon flight to Cozumel using our existing flight credit. After being transferred to seven different uncompetent employees, he finally thought he'd hit the jackpot. The lady found a flight for us, booked it, and then informed us that we couldn't use our remaining credit (after the price of the flight) to pay for the rebooking fee, which is $180 per person!

Let me break it down for you:
  • $733 per person in flight credit
  • $533 per person for flight to Cozumel
  • $400 extra that we can't use to cover the $360 rebooking fees
It's like if you paid someone and they didn't give you change. Shawn told the lady on the phone that they were stealing our money. She said, 'I wouldn't call it that.' He said, 'Then what do you want to call it? Theft? Robbery?'

So here are our options, 1. pay the $360 rebooking fees (which we don't have in any of our bank accounts, even collectively) or 2. refuse to pay the $360 rebooking fees and not go on our honeymoon, which would be stupid of us because then we'd lose all the money we've already spent on flights and the hotel. FML. From here on out, no more third-party travel vendors.

On the bright side, I get paid tomorrow. Christmas is in 3 days. And after tomorrow, I have the next 12 days off work (including weekends). I see the light. *sigh*


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