Thursday, December 17, 2009

The thoughts in my head

I really need to make/send my Christmas list for Mom (Hi, Mom!)

My office could use a makeover.

I got hit on by a chick last night while working at the bar. Should I be flattered?

I wish it was next Wednesday (pay day!)

I can't wait to finish my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.

I'm so excited for my 7 days off between the holidays (only had to take 3 days of to get 7!)

I hope my jewelry order comes today.

My hair: long or short?

Chris Henry died. I'm not a Bengals fan, but I'm not a fan of death either.

When are they going to stop talking about Tiger Woods?!

I can't believe 2009 is almost over. Anyone know where it went?

I really need to sweep my car out.

This Jim Brickman radio station on Pandora was a good choice.

What to wear for New Year's?

I can't stop laughing: Today, my friend got arrested for running a red light. The female police officer tells him: "Whatever you say can be held against you." He paused and said: "Tits". (from My Life Is Average)

Late Edition: Happy 26th Anniversary to my parents!

1 comment:

cal ;) said...

1. your hair - i love it short. it's so cute on you!
2. i agree about chris henry. sad story.
3. i hope tiger's wife divorces him and he starts playing golf again. then it'll be back to normal.
4. about new year's - let me know if you want to try on that dress of mine!
5. um, i did your xmas card last night but i still need to buy stamps. here's hoping i send them before xmas this year.

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