Monday, December 7, 2009

Where I'm from a toboggan is a sled.

It snowed this morning. The first snow of the year. More like a light dusting really, but the first snow nonetheless. It was rather unexpected since I didn't stay up to catch the 11 o'clock forecast last night. I guess Old Man Winter is really here. Bummer. I'm not ready for snow. But it's coming, whether I'm ready or not.

While I'm not a huge fan of cold weather, I do look forward to Christmas decorations every year. Shawn and I bought a new Christmas tree. Yes, it's fake and pre-lit. And it was only $35. But I am sad to report that I cannot find our cute ornaments, so right now our tree is only adorned with multi-colored bulbs. And no tree topper. Who doesn't have a tree topper?

As far as seasonal dress code, this winter I'm relying on comfy, soft sweaters that can do double duty - work and play. A 'Stuff and Save' shopping trip to Old Navy (where I got 50% off everything for being an ON cardholder and one of the first 50 people (#3 to be exact) through the door the day the sale started) bloated my closet with cute, versatile sweaters. Though I will always make room for more, especially when the after-Christmas sales roll around!

I also remain a huge fan of scarves and have started quite the collection. But I resisted purchasing the $5 cotton scarves that were at Target this weekend. Small victories.

And you can never have enough boots. All heights and colors. I love being able to slide on a pair of faux Uggs to walk the dogs or go shopping. Those are my favorite. And I'm happy to note that I also broke down and bought myself a pair of skinny jeans to fit more comfortably inside my boots. Oh, the sacrifices I make for fashion.

So which do you think is better - rain or snow? I've started a pros and cons list, but I'm too indecisive to choose one.

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cal ;) said...

ewww...i can't make a choice. when it rains, it's usually kind of warmer...when it snows, it's icy but pretty. if i can stay inside, i don't mind either. :)

see you friday!

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