Friday, February 5, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Apparently, it's doppelgänger week. I'm supposd to change my Facebook profile picture to someone famous, who I've been told I look like. I didn't do that. But I've been told that I look like two different actresses. Let's see what you think:
I get Reese Witherspoon a lot. Alotalot. That is of course if she were a brunette. I'm not sure I see it, though. Thoughts?
I've also gotten, "you look like the girl from the Gilmore Girls!" My own husband even thought I looked like Alexis Bledel when she was in the movie, Sin City. I don't see it.

Both actresses are beautiful, so I'll take what I can get.

1 comment:

cal ;) said...

definitely the chick from gilmore girls! (i get natalie portman, cameron diaz when she's a brunette, and anne hathaway a lot. weird.)

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