Thursday, March 18, 2010


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Today is only the best day EVER. It's my birthday. I'm 26. And I have a sore throat and a cough that has disrupted my sleep for the past two nights. Super. However, I refuse to be sick on my birthday, so I am loving the generic, Meijer-brand severe cold medicine and Luden's wild cherry throat drops.

I'm also loving all the Facebook messages and texts wishing me a happy birthday. Thanks, friends!

You know what I miss most on my birthday? A cake. Every year growing up my mom would make me a cake for my birthday. Whatever kind of cake I wanted, and she'd sprinkle her creativity all over it to make it perfect. Thanks, Mom. And my grandparents would stop by to drop off presents and sing "happy birthday" to me. And, of course, we'd take the infamous birthday-girl-showing-off-her-cake photo.

Tonight, Mr. Ritter is taking me to the Olive Garden (my favorite), or we might get carry out depending on how I'm feeling. And he got me a massage!

Birthdays are different when you grow up, but it's still nice to feel extra special one day of the year.

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Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday lady! i hope you have a great one and you start to feel better!

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