Thursday, March 25, 2010

the grass is always greener

You may have noticed a little change here. Anyone who knows me knows that I am indecisive and constantly changing my mind once it's made up. Example: I just told my mom yesterday that I wished my black Mazda 3 was white. I just like the contrast of the black around the taillights and black interior with the white exterior. Not that there is anything wrong with my sleek all-black car. I digress.

I am just a fan of change in certain aspects of my life including my wardrobe, home decor and obviously, my blog.

Per a conversation with A.Fry over lunch at Pei Wei yesterday, my blog has a new name. See above. I mentioned to her that I wasn't feeling Running with Scissors anymore (Running with Scissors came to me during a time when I was questioning a lot of things about my life). Having made some decisions that have NOT been overturned by yours truly, I felt it was time to update this dear little blog to reflect my life now.

Running in Stilettos is my life. As A.Fry pointed out, I am a very active person trying to balance work, my husband, my social life and various other activities, including but not limited to training for a half marathon, work out classes, being on my condo association's board of directors, going to school, being an alumni advisor to my college sorority, book club and working a part-time job on top of my full-time gig. I'm tired just writing that. But somehow, through perfected time management skills, I have maintained a busy balance in my life.

Hence, Running in Stilettos is born. Enjoy.


Audra said...

Love the name change :)

cal ;) said...

me too - much more you! although, i also think running in flip flops would maybe be appropriate for summer? :)

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