Wednesday, March 10, 2010

inspiration: peacock feathers

Don't you just love this wreath?! I can't wait to make one of my own.

I love peacock feathers. I love the vibrant blue and green hues in them and their simple elegance. So I have decided that peacock feathers are the cure to my home decor challenge in our spare bedroom. I have been struggling for months, no years, on the decor in said bedroom, and last night the idea of using peacock feathers as the inspiration for the room came to me.

And today I bought this fabric (albeit at a much cheaper price from another seller) that I will use to make pillow covers for existing pillows I have on the bed/stored in the closet currently. We also have a white comforter in the closet that will help brighten up the room, which has olive green walls, which I told Shawn I would work with to avoid having him paint the room for a third time. And curtains will be an easy fix, as well as choosing some photos to frame and hang on the now bare walls. I am so excited for this vision in my head to come to fruition. Don't worry, I'll take before and after photos when I begin the transformation.

I have also been tooling with the idea of purchasing new wall decor for our master bedroom. It could use some sprucing and reviving. Maybe some lighter-colored curtains and colorful artwork for the photo/mirror/artwork collage I am envisioning for over the bed. Again, before and after photos will be available, hopefully shortly.

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