Thursday, April 8, 2010

bedroom style

It's days like today - rainy, cloudy, 20 degrees cooler than the sunny, 80-degree weather we've been enjoying for the past couple of days - that make me want to stay in bed and read/nap all day long. Here are a few stylish bedrooms I could hole up in for a day:

These bedrooms are also inspiring me as I try to decide what to do with Mr. Ritter and I's spare bedroom. I'm really loving all the fun fabrics, and I'm hoping I can find the perfect patterns to mix and match in both of our bedrooms and maybe the living room. I have a feeling my one-bedroom makeover is going to turn into a home-decor overhaul.


cal ;) said...

l-o-v-e the second and last bedrooms! they make me crave my huge, comfy bed.

Carrie Leanne said...

oh I love these! the one with the coral, black and green is my favorite!

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