Friday, April 16, 2010

friday night

I am so excited to have a Friday night off from work at the bar. This will be two free nights in a row - a complete rarity in my life - and I have/will take full advantage of them.

A recap of last night: Mr. Ritter and I met up with A.Fry and her husband and her sister-in-law L.Fry and her bf for drinks on the patio at Signatures. The weather was all kinds of beautiful and the conversation and relaxation with some great people was much needed. However, just when things seemed to be going well, some weirdo at the bar (which A.Fry has dubbed Charles Bluetooth, Secret Service) has to impede.

This guy (dressed in a t-shirt wihtout sleeves that had been ripped down the center and tied together. We later learned he rolled into the bar with said t-shirt on backwards) audibly talked to himself the whole night, ate a bug out of his tequila shot like it was a worm, wandered around the patio from table to table carrying his bucket of beer, and proceeded to banter with A.Fry's husband. It went something like this:

Charles: Unaudible as he's walking toward our group.
J.Fry: Excuse me?
Charles: I'm secret service didn't you f*ing know that.
J.Fry: No, I didn't know that.
Charles: This is a bluetooth (pointing to his ear, neither of which had a bluetooth attached to it). I'm f*ing secret service.
J.Fry: OK, well we're just trying to talk to each other.
Charles: There is no each other here.
J.Fry: Yes, we are sitting here talking. We are each other (motioning to our collective group).
Charles: Unaudible and walks away to start up a conversation with the fence.

What an interesting Thursday night.

So here is the run down for my Friday night:

I hope to be heading to K.Ruff and I's favorite wine shop in Creekside, The Wine Guy Wine Shop, for a little happy hour wine flight. We love sweet white wines!

Then it's off to celebrate the birth and christen the new home of the lovely, Karjo. She already said I can orchestrate chugging contests, which may or may not (probably the latter) be the best way for me to consume copious amounts of adult beverages.

Finally, Mr. Ritter and I will grace the house of this crazy couple.

Happy Friday, lovies!


Audra said...

I am laughing uncontrollably in my office!! Amazing recap of an epic evening.

cal ;) said...

aww, signature's - you can find me in there every saturday afternoon during football season. so if the weather's ever too bad for cornhole outside the ritter home, feel free to come meet me over there! :)

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