Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i choose happiness

Today, Mr. Ritter emailed me.

Him: I really don't think I want to come back here... (here meaning the school he teaches at).
Me: Why, what happened?
Him: Nothing in particular...this place just makes me miserable anymore, I don't even feel like the same person, I need to try something new.
Me: Well, then do it, babe! I want you to be happy and I will support whatever you want to do! We will make everything work :)

I really feel bad for him. I know that his job is not his ideal job, and the more experience he gets, the more expensive he becomes when he's looking for a new teaching position.

Trust me, I'm thankful he has a teaching job given that so many teachers do not. I understand how blessed we are that we are both employed in this economy. I'm not seeking pity. I'm just telling it like it is in our lives - mine and Mr. Ritter's.

But this whole thing got me thinking: We spend the majority of our lives at work, we should enjoy what we do, correct? I don't think that is too much to ask. I feel for those people who are miserable in their jobs or careers, yet they feel they can't make a change. You always have a choice. It may not be easy or obvious, but everyone has a choice. I choose happiness.

Ask yourself: What sense does it make to be unhappy with the one thing you spend most of your time doing? I know you all answered "none." So if you're not happy in your current job, do your best to change your circumstances. Choose happiness.

I like to think of myself as an optimal realist. I look for and hope for the best, but understand that making a career change comes with sacrifices and uncertainties. But how will you know if it was all worth it if you don't at least try? I started going back to school this winter to explore a possible career change. It came with some sacrifices, and it took me awhile to get the courage to go back. But now I'm loving my classes, and I can really see this as a check in my win column.

Mr. Ritter applied for three new teaching jobs in the past couple of weeks. I'm happy that there are that many he can apply for (teaching positions are hard to come by in Columbus), and hopefully more will open up soon. I just keep thinking about how great it would be for him if he could make a positive change to a different school. Mr. Ritter is not a man that likes change, but this would be welcomed, self-selected change. I need my happy hubby back!

Cross your fingers for him!


cal ;) said...

fingers crossed! i hope he finds something that's more satisfying for him. :)

Bonnie said...

My fingers are crossed for him and I'm happy you are choosing happiness. I'm in the same boat. In fact, I'm about to go out on a HUGE financial limb so I can choose happiness too. Why? Because of all the reasons you listed. Life is too short to be working in what I call a "box" (4 walls with no windows and not enough human contact.) We are put on this earth to journey, explore and become all that we can be. If it means taking some chances and (egad!) possibly failing, then that's life. But the main thing is to CHOOSE our life and CHOOSE happiness. It's about trying, striving and accomplishing our goals. At the end of the day we can sigh and relax and say, "yup...I've done all I can do today and tomorrow I'm going to get up and have at it again doing what I love to do." Hang in there Mr. Ritter. You can do it!

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