Tuesday, May 18, 2010

did i 'menchen' it's her birthday?

Happy 26th birthday to my beautiful BFF, Kristen "KRuff" Menchen!

This weekend, with the help of my lovely friends, I organized a surprise party for her. First, we went to dinner at her favorite sushi place, Kooma. Then we headed to our favorite bar, the Big Bang for the big surprise.

Look at all the fine ladies.

The evening was a success, complete with a surprised birthday girl, good friends, plenty of adult beverages, sing-a-long tunes and the best cake ever made (a big thank you to Karj and Kelly!):

Let's just say Kristen has a mild obsession with nipple tassels. Not that she wears them (though she did receive a pair at her bachelorette party), but she finds the whole idea of them to be quite hilarious. And when put on a cake, tassels are pretty funny.

Happy birthday, bestie!

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