Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how to dress my husband and other men's looks i love

Over the weekend, Mr. Ritter cleaned out his closet and declared to me that he was "frustrated with his clothes and neeeeeeeds more polos!" My inner fashionista was giddy with the excitement of going shopping with Mr. Ritter. I love shopping for men's clothes! Seriously, Iloveit!

Let me first give you a snapshot of Mr. Ritter's style:

1. Casual kicks from American Eagle.
2. Loose fit khakis from Old Navy.
3. Team half zip windbreaker.
4. Doc Marten boots.
5. Ohio State hoodies from the Buckeye Corner.
6. Loose fit jeans from Old Navy.
7. Striped polo shirts from Old Navy.
8. & 9. Not shown: Northface jacket and long-sleeve thermals.

Now, here are some of Mr. Ritter's wardrobe rules:
  • Color palette: gray, navy blue, blue, white, brown, olive green
  • No black, red, orange, or yellow (Are all redheads as picky about colors as mine?). He wouldn't be caught dead in pink, and he only has one purple t-shirt which he probably thought was navy blue when he thrifted it (did I mention he's color blind?)
  • Be mindful of the thickness of the stripes on a polo.
  • No designs on a t-shirt unless it's a sports team.
  • Always a crew neck. Never a v-neck.
When I first started dating Mr. Ritter, he didn't wear shorts, except for gym shorts, and he hadn't expanded into browns or olive greens because of his red hair (though both colors are perfect for him!). And he absolutely did not wear flip flops! Now, I am happy to report he is wearing all three! I'm a proud wife.

Here is one of my favorite outfits that Mr. Ritter wears (mostly just around the house):

There is just something about a guy in a plain white tee and jeans (again, only crew neck for Mr. Ritter). Hubba, hubba.

I also love Justin Timberlake's easy, chic style.

And for the hell of it, here are a few men's looks I love from Express:

What's your favorite guy style?

1 comment:

cal ;) said...

um, yes, el senor ritter owns every one of those things you put in the collage...so funny, such a boy. :)

if you get bored and want a new project, you can design me a charleston outfit for this weekend that i can blog about! hahaha.

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