Monday, May 3, 2010

i wish i was forrest least for 13.1 miles

Saturday, A.Fry and I ran the Capital City half marathon in Columbus. In the rain. And we have no pictures to show for it. We scrambled to find a parking spot and got to the starting line 15 minutes before the race started. I didn't have much time to think about what we were about to put our bodies through, which was probably a good thing.

A word to the wise: TRAIN! If you can follow a training program, do it. It will help immensely! A.Fry and I trained poorly, and I felt it early and often throughout the race.

Another piece of advice: Stop and stretch during the race. It was my saving grace (the rhyming was unintentional). Last year, we ran straight through without water breaks. This time, we took water breaks and stretched to relieve some knee pain and prevent the inevitable soreness/stiffness that ensues after running 13.1 miles. The fact that I could still stand and walk on Saturday was a vast improvement from my last half.

Though I was soaked to the point of pruney and exhausted, I managed to sprint across the finish line. What a sense of accomplishment.

And in honor of my small victory, I met up with my tata-saving friends on their breast-cancer fighting bar crawl for a few brewskis.

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