Friday, June 25, 2010

are you a supercook?

Yesterday, I was introduced to what will probably be my new foodie BFF: (thanks, Carrie!) This nugget of the World Wide Web allows you to type in ingredients you already have at home, then generates a list of recipes using any number of those ingredients. Can you say fabulous? I can!

I just typed in these ingredients that I know are taking up space in our pantry/cupboard/fridge:

1. eggs
2. bell peppers
3. cheddar cheese
4. chicken breast
5. margarine
6. potatoes
7. mustard
8. vegetable oil
9. bread
10. cream cheese
11. milk
12. spaghetti noodles
13. paprika
14. parsley
15. garlic

It has already generated 82 recipes using any number of those ingredients, including macaroni and cheese for two, easy cheese souffle, cheesy chicken and potato casserole, garlic parsley spaghetti and crumb-coated potato halves. Ahhhmazing!

So are you a supercook? I know I will be.


Christina said...

this is awesome! so glad you posted this.

Holly said...

If anyone was going appreciate this post, I knew it would be you!!!

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