Tuesday, June 29, 2010

live everyday the comfest way

This past weekend was ComFest (Community Festival). Street vendors, artists, musicians and people from all walks of life come together for this three-day, volunteer-run festival in Goodale Park near Columbus' arena district. ComFest is about tolerance, art, sexuality, peace, social justice and large beer mugs (mine was yellow and matched my dress). It's a party with a purpose and party we did (along with sweating our behinds off and getting caught in a torrential downpour on the way back to the car).

{mr. ritter and i}

{showing kelly some love}

{a colorful mask display}

{me and the lovely team kell(e)y}

{boys will be boys}

{peacock henna tattoo}


cal ;) said...

oh my gosh, the picture of ben, derek, and shawnie is fantastic. love it.

Molly said...

where is that dress from!? too cute!

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