Monday, June 21, 2010

summer: melting popsicles for a really long time

Happy first day of summer. It almost makes Monday tolerable. While it has felt like summer since mid-May, I am ready to get my official summer plans rolling. Here's a quick look at some events I'm looking forward to:
  • Matt and Jaime's wedding extravaganza, July 16-18
  • 4th annual PIB girls' getaway weekend, July 30-August 1
  • One-year anniversary trip with Mr. Ritter, dates and location TBD (early August)
  • Joe and Kelly's wedding, August 28
Now, here is a list of some of my favorite things about summer:
  • Dresses!
  • Sitting on a patio
  • Refreshing adult beverages
  • Cookouts and cornhole
  • Longer days
  • Reading by the pool
What are your summer plans?
What are your favorite things about summer?

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