Friday, June 11, 2010

this just made my day

I just found an email in my junk mailbox (luckily it was only from yesterday) from Megan at announcing that I won their birthday giveaway (I read it five times to make sure)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the number of exclamation points is in direct relation to my excitement). I never win anything; or at least I didn't until now.

Check out my winnings:

small chunky jelly watch in pink

I had my choice of pink or blue, and I went with pink for summer after mentally scanning my closet. I'm already planning outfits I can accessorize with my new, free watch! And if you were wondering, like I always do, someone does win giveaways.

P.S. I just got another email asking me to take a picture of me wearing the watch, so that they can feature me on their blog. I feel special.


Christina said...

holy smokes you won that!??! nice!!! i'm extremely jealous. you better rock that woman! :)

Selby said...

CUTE WATCH!! Love it! Lucky YOU!

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