Thursday, July 1, 2010

keep the windows open

{walking around campus at work}

Picture this: Temperatures in the upper 70s, very low humidity, a light summer breeze and sunny skies dotted with thin white clouds. That is what the weather in Columbus is like today (and for most of the week). It's a windows-open kind of day. Perfection.

{my attempt at an artistic photo}

I want to bottle it up and open it like a can of Whoop Ass on rainy days. Keep up the good work, Mother Nature.


Lauren said...

New reader to your blog - I love your last line, "Bottle it all up and use it like a can of Whoop Ass on rainy days"!! Lol, I feel exactly the same way!

cal ;) said...

aw, i'm so jealous that you get to walk around oc at fab. and totally agree with you on this gorgeous weather!!

Holly said...

Welcome, Lauren! I hope you enjoy my musings :)

Cal - we should have a date soon :)

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