Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what-to-wear wednesday: baby bump

Because so many of my friends are expecting or have recently given birth, I thought it was appropriate to dedicate a What-to-Wear Wednesday to pregnant chicks. One thing all those baby books don't tell you is that with all the changes going on inside and outside your body, one thing doesn't have to change - your style. So keep rockin' it, ladies, because who doesn't want to be a hot mama?

1. halter swimsuit, Old Navy $19.50 (sale)
2. cuffed denim shorts, Old Navy $15 (sale)
3. ruffle tank dress, Gap $74.50
4. knotted-front jersey dress, Old Navy $26.50 (sale)
5. belted tab-sleeve cardigan, Old Navy $20 (sale)
6. knit leggings, Forever 21 $12.80
7. ruffle-trim jersey top, Old Navy $14 (sale)
8. drop waist jersey knit tunic, Forever 21 $17.80
9. crochet-lace trim top, Old Navy $18.50 (sale)
10. faux-gem slub-knit tank, Old Navy $12.99 (sale)
11. bootcut maternity jeans, Forever 21 $13.50

P.S. When I'm preggers I'm hittin' up Old Navy. Why spend a bunch of money on clothes that you will only wear a few months? Old Navy is cute and cheap, so you won't feel guilty splurging on maternity clothes to keep your baby bump looking chic.


Lindsey said...

umm i'm not going to lie- i clicked on this post as fast as possible b/c i thought you might be announcing something... but nonetheless- this is a cute post!
maybe one day ;)

cal ;) said...

ditto...and when that day comes, i better not have to find out through your blog or facebook, holly melinda! ;)

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