Wednesday, September 8, 2010

pillow talk

Last night, Mr. Ritter and I were giggly as we climbed into bed. I don't know if it was the clean sheets or just the comfort of laying in our cozy Sleep Number. It all started when I snuck my feet onto his side and tried to warm them up. Mr. Ritter HATES feet. I like to lovingly torture him by putting my tootsies near or even on him just to watch his reaction. As expected, he freaked when he felt my toes burrowing under his legs.

MR: "AH! Get those things away from me!"
Me: "I'm just trying to warm them up."
MR: "Put some socks on. They're like blankets for your feet."

I started laughing, and we had a good chuckle about his aversion to feet, then:

MR: "Want me to satisfy your every desire" (in his best attempt at a sexy voice, which cracks me up every time)
Me: "Yeah. Rub my feet."
MR: "OK, maybe not every desire."

We had a good laugh about that, then we attempted to snuggle in and get some sleep.

Me: "I love you, pumpkin." (he's a redhead, it only seems appropriate that his pet name is pumpkin)
MR: "Hiiiiii." (he slurred in a dream-like voice.)

I busted up laughing because that wasn't what I expected him to say. Note: Mr. Ritter wasn't feeling well so he took some NyQuil, which makes him tipsy. After I told him what I really said, he started giggling like a drunk guy.

Me: "You need to lay off the NyQuil. It makes you silly like when you drink wine."
MR: "We all have our weaknesses."
Me: "Yours is one glass."

More giggling ensued, then we finally hit the sack. Within minutes Mr. Ritter was snoring, at first more like heavy breathing then quickly escalating into a growl. I knew he didn't feel well, so I didn't have the heart to nudge him awake in hopes he'd switch positions and the snoring would cease. So I held his hand and put my head under my pillow. True love.


cal ;) said...

this whole post is adorable. i totally forgot how much he hates feet!! hilarious. hope you're feeling better and that he gets over this cold, too!

Christina said...

i love that story!! so cute.

Miss C.S. said...

OMG, love this! Just made me crack up! Nice article!

Emily said...

Such a cute story! Pat doesn't hate feet, but he hates my cold feet on his when we're in bed but I still do it every single night and he lets me. True love. :)

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