Friday, September 17, 2010

scarves and stripes

Lately, I have not had the funds to go shopping to stock my closets for fall (sad face). So, I've been obsessively creating outfits on Polyvore to satisfy my thirst for retail therapy. The Scarves and Stripes collection started with an outfit inspired by a student I saw walking around campus this week. I thought the title was too cute not to make an entire collection, and voilĂ ! Hopefully I can duplicate some of these outfits using clothes I already own.

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Emily said...

While I didn't necessarily have the funds, I did need some retail therapy today so I went shopping. I stuck only to sale/clearance items and I used your blog as inspiration. I definitely got a lot of good deals and tried to go a little out of my fashion "box." But I LOVE the scarves and stripes look. I would never even think to put all of that together but it looks great! The purple scarf with the stripes - awesome!

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