Tuesday, September 14, 2010

to and fro

Around this time every year I get a bit nostalgic. Working on a university campus, I see the new students move in and I can't help but recall all of my college memories. I think about the roommates I had over the four years, the outfits I wore to theme parties, and the people I've lost touch with since graduation. Remember that person you were sure was your best friend for ever and ever? I do. Those of you who know me remember her too. We rarely did anything without the other. Now we rarely talk. No hard feelings; our lives just went in different directions. I miss her.

Life is funny (or weird?) like that.

What's also funny is that my high school memories have crept back in too. I guess that's what I get for coaching high school cheerleaders. High school was decent at the time because I didn't know any different. But looking back, I didn't really care for high school. Too much drama. Everyone trying their damnedest to fit in or to prove their originality. Over it.

Anyway, yesterday I got an email from a girl I knew in high school. We weren't friends in high school so much, but we became close while we were planning our weddings last year, emailing ideas back and forth. It was great to have a third party with which to discuss wedding plans. I highly recommend it. Even though we've both been married for over a year, she and I still keep in touch regularly, even outside of Facebook. Archaic, I know! As we've gotten older, we realize how much we have in common. In her email, she said she ran into a friend of mine from high school who asked if she kept in touch with anyone. She said me. Then she told me how glad she was that our weddings brought us together and how she wishes we lived closer so we could hang out. Hopefully soon we'll find a time to meet up and forge ahead with our friendship. Until then, Em, I enjoy our emails.

I still remember thinking that my best friends in high school were always going to be my best friends. That wasn't the case. Besides Emily, I don't really talk to anyone from high school (Facebook wall posts and photo comments don't count as talking, let's be real). And that's OK. There's no one to blame. We all just took different paths. It's interesting how we grow and change throughout our lives. I hope everyone is happy where they landed.

Life is funny (or weird?) like that.

P.S. If you really want to take a trip down Memory Lane, view your Facebook photos starting with the last pictures. That feeling of nostalgia has been with me all day.


cal ;) said...

holls, i'm the same way at this time of year...and i actually just looked at my oldest facebook pictures last week! i miss those days, too.

Emily said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself! Life is funny AND weird but I am absolutely thrilled with the way it's working out. We will most definitely have to get together soon!

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