Friday, September 3, 2010

what i'm working with

My allergies have really thrown a wrench in my week. So in order to survive a full day of work today, I've come prepared:

I have never been a fan of nose spray, but at times like these, it's necessary for survival. And just like the Vick's my mom used to rub on my chest as a kid when I had a cold, this Vick's nose spray is king in the land of stuffy noses! Believe it or not, I've had better luck with off-brand allergy meds than the likes of Claritin. And I solemnly swear by Puffs Plus with lotion tissues to keep my nosy flesh colored rather than Rudolph red. I'm not sure where this awful heartburn is coming from, but I guess I could use the extra calcium. And I've been adding two ibuprofen pills with my doses of allergy medicine and praying for a head-clearing miracle.*

So for all you other allergy sufferers, I feel your pain. Happy self-medicating.

*please note I'm not a doctor, nor have I sought the help of a medical professional during my self-prescribed allergy treatments this week.


cal ;) said...

puffs plus with lotion are the only tissues i buy, haha. hope you feel better soon!

Karissa said...

love your blog! Just thought I'd mention, the ibuprofen could actually be causing the heartburn/gastritis if you're taking very much of it or not with enough food. Maybe you already know that, but if you alternate with acetaminophen it might help? Feel better!

Holly said...

Karissa - Thank you for the info about the ibuprofen. I stopped taking it and the heartburn seemed to go away. Too many meds in the system I suppose. I'm feeling much better now!

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