Thursday, October 28, 2010

a birthday and an anniversary

Today, there is a two-for-one special on shout outs.

Happy birthday to my GHLP/H2, Heather! She's currently in Ireland drinking a Guinness and celebrating her birth 27 years ago. Our friendship truly blossomed our junior year of college in NYC while on a conference trip for our student newspaper, of which we were co-editors in chief. We're dorks like that. The trip fell over my 21st birthday, and she was the only one there to help me celebrate it. We paid $30 to get into some creepo club. We made the best of it. Together we have enjoyed long walks, deep conversations, laughs, tears, and many quotable moments. Enjoy your day, darlin'!

Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Truxall. This wicked awesome couple got married four years ago. Mr. Ritter split his pants at their wedding while breaking down on the dance floor. We still laugh about it. These two are truly made for each other. The epitome of love and a healthy marriage. They are good, classy people. Much love to you both!

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