Thursday, October 21, 2010

falling whistles

My dear friend, Courtney led me to this place. A place that tells the story of children in the Congo kidnapped from their homes and forced to fight in one of history's deadliest wars. Some of these children are too small to even carry a gun. Their only weapon is a whistle. Their job is to scare the enemy by making as much noise as possible, then surrender to the first round of enemy bullets. They are Falling Whistles.

It's a horrific.sad.maddening.unbelievable reality. We call America the home of the brave, but some of the bravest people live half a world away. And they are only children. Watch the video. Read their story. Buy a whistle.


100 percent of the proceeds go to help rehabilitate war-affected children in the Congo and fight for their freedom. I'm buying mine. Will you buy yours?

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