Friday, October 8, 2010

virtual addiction

Almost every day I visit Forever 21. Call it an obsession, but now it's just part of my typical daily routine. I head straight to the new arrivals page and proceed to add new items to my shopping bag. I load up my virtual shopping bag as if money is no object. It's my "pretend" retail therapy because I rarely have the extra cash to feed my shopping addiction. As of today, my shopping bag has 37 items in it. Here's a peek:

This weekend, I plan to do some semi-needed shopping with trips to my favorites (Forever 21 and Old Navy), plus a visit to New York and Co. for some dress pants and Victoria's Secret for some undies. I'm also hitting up Target and Old Time Pottery since I didn't get around to it last weekend.

I have Columbus Day off, so I'm hoping for a productive three-day weekend. Have a good one, lovies, and enjoy the sunshine.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I should try your method of just putting stuff in a cart and not buying it! But I end up buying it and spending money even if I don't have it!

I LOVE Old Time Pottery! That is where I get all of my holiday decorations!

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