Friday, October 29, 2010

happy haunting weekend

Halloween weekend is here. A few friends and I were talking recently about how, as we have gotten older, we have become less fearless. I cannot visit haunted houses or watch scary movies like I used to. I know it's all fake, but the anxiety of being scared crapless has proven too much for me in my older age (of 26). Does anyone else have this problem? My little sister used to petrified of the Scream mask, but right now her Facebook status reads how excited she is to go to the Seven Floors of Hell haunted house tonight. Seriously, seven floors?! I'd pee my pants just walking in the door.


But despite my fear of being scared (ironic much?), I do enjoy attending Halloween parties. I will be making an appearance at two parties this weekend - tonight will be full of old friends and tomorrow night I'll hang with the usual homies. I must warn you that my costume is not that creative, but at least I follow the rules by donning some type of outfit I wouldn't wear on a daily basis (pictures coming next week). To be honest, I have never been that creative with my costumes. I usually just overpay for a store-bought one and call it a day. Maybe one of these years a good idea will strike me and I'll go all out. What are you dressing up as this year? Well, whatever you're going as, have a spooktacular time!

During this same weekend last year, Mr. Ritter and I stood beside our best friends, Rik and Kristen, as they said 'I do.' We had the absolute pleasure of being the matron of honor and the best man, and to give funny speeches at the reception. They are our partners in crime. Rik and Mr. Ritter enjoy intense games of Madden, while Kristen and I enjoy wine dates. We've become like family. Congratualtions, Mr. and Mrs. Menchen on your first wedding anniversary. Love you both!

Happy haunting weekend, lovies!

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