Friday, October 1, 2010



October is the perfect fall month. And just as October has now snuck up on me, so will Halloween, and I've yet to prepare the Ritter household with seasonal/holiday decor. This weekend, I hope to find time to get some decorating accomplished as I've been inundated with ideas the last two weeks. This undoubtedly means trips to Old Time Pottery and Target!

I plan to follow Lindsay's instructions to create my own Halloween wreath. Here are some other ideas I've come across:


I also plan to have a pumpkin carving party, even if it's just me and Mr. Ritter, using tips from Miss C.S. This year, I want to try roasting the pumpkin seeds (is it weird that I've never done that?).

I've also been thinking about what I want to be for Halloween. Rather than spend a bunch of money on a costume I will most likely only wear once, I try to get creative by using clothes I already own, so I only have to purchase a few items to complete the look. Last year I was a pirate, using items I already owned - white tank, black gaucho pants, a scarf around the waist, a bandana and excessive bling. The year before that I was a flapper, again using all my own items except for making a feathered headpiece - black tiered dress, black pumps, and an extra long string of pearls.

At the end of the month, I am hosting our book club meeting and, after coming across a festive article in my Women's Health magazine, I plan to use that time to double as a creepy cocktail party. I am already collecting drink and food recipes, like Lindsay's super cute candy corn cupcakes. Any recipes you want to throw my way would be lovely. Just leave a comment!

I hope to be able to post some pics of my fall/Halloween decorations next week (but please don't hold your breath, I'm a busy woman so I can't make any promises).

Happy weekend, lovies!

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Lindsey said...

thank you for the shout outs! you are the best :)

let me know if you want to get together to carve pumpkins.. we normally do it with stace and ryan - but seeing how were not going to boston this year - i think we will be on our own - unless you want to do it together! let us know! were always down to make some pumpkin seeds afterwards too!

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