Thursday, November 4, 2010

please don't talk like you text

Today at lunch, a few coworkers and I (and Kenny!) were discussing our grammar pet peeves. We concluded that many people are skipping English class, or sleeping through it, or just refuse to follow grammar rules altogether. I understand that English is a completely screwed up, eccentric language, but c'mon people, I'm talking about basics here. Let's have a looksee at some notorious grammar faux pas (per our discussion):

The Difference Between Your and You're
This is a biggie for me. It's really not that complicated. Read your sentence with "you are" in place of "your/you're." If it makes sense, use "you're." If it doesn't use "your." Your is a possessive form of "you," referring to something a person has, something belonging to the person, or the person you are talking to. Let's have a mini lesson shall we: "I think your smart." Wrong. "I think you're smart." Correct. And if you just can't nail down the difference, stop using contractions and just type out "you are."

The Difference Between Affect and Effect
I can sympathize with this one because it can be a little tricky. As a noun, "affect" indicates a feeling or emotion, whereas "effect" means the consequence of some action or process. As a verb, "affect" means to exert an influence upon, whereas "effect" means to bring about as a result. A few synonyms of "affect" are: act on, change, influence, move, stimulate, take on. Synonyms of "effect" are: aftermath, conclusion, consequence, end product, outcome, reaction, response, side effect. {found here}.

Typing/Talking Like You Text
Stop it, stop it, stop it! I get that you sometimes need to use abbreviations while texting to get a complete thought in one text, but they should not carry over into daily conversations or emails, especially emails sent to professionals. It's really unprofessional and you sound unintelligent. The ones that bother me most are "ur" and "r." Is it really that much more effort to type out the other two letters in those words? Personally, it actually takes more effort to type these words incorrectly. And what's with people saying "idk"? Just say "I don't know" for Pete's sake, I promise it takes zero extra effort. The one thing I do use is "wtf" because it can be used in the presence of grandparents and children without being offensive.

The Extra Vowel Foul
ADubs brought up the extra vowel phenomenon, i.e. doubling vowels in words just because, such as "liike". Kenny said it annoys her when someone types words like "todayyyyy." I have to admit that I have been guilty of typing "yayyyyyy" like this just out of sheer excitement. Oops.

Random or No Punctuation
tHiS iS aNnOyInG. No? TYPING IN ALL CAPS LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING. Don't do it. Capitalizing Every Word Of A Sentence Is Not Correct. not capitalizing the first word of a sentence isn't correct either. And even if you're not sure how to use a comma, just try. Even if you use too many, it's better than having a run-on sentence that goes on and on and on and on without a break. Here are a few easy rules to follow.

I don't claim to be a grammar guru, and I'm sure I've fallen victim to some of these grammar faux pas. I'm not asking for perfection, I'm asking you to try. To reread your emails before you send them, and to think before you speak. And I will do the same.


Kimberli said...

I totally get what you mean about not talking like you text. I had a fit in my Interpersonal Communications class when our instructor found out 'Aint' is now in the dictionary. She looked it up online and showed us! I was floored and my boyfriend who talks like an uneducated hick was dancing around in circles about his supposed 'victory'. I don't care if so many people talk that badly that they do add uneducated wording to the dictionary... it sound horrible to talk like that... and I was raised better. (sorry if I just came off sounding like a snob. I'm not, but proper speech was DRILLED into me as a child).

Christina said...

LOVE this post. Duh. The your/you're thing drives me NUTS. I am guilty of typing a hundred of the same vowel though. :) And the texting thing, oh gosh, please don't let me see "ur" ever, anywhwere!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahahah very well said lady!! :D

cal ;) said...

1. i knew christina would have already commented on this;
2. i adore this post. x a million.

Amber said...

Haha! I was reading this and thinking to myself "I remember this conversation..." Thanks for sharing this with the world!

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