Tuesday, November 23, 2010

set the table

With Thanksgiving only two days away, I cannot stop thinking about all the delicious food I'm going to devour (in moderation of course). Wouldn't you love to feast at any of these beautifully decorated tables?


Tomorrow, Mr. Ritter and I are heading to his parents' house for Turkey Day. My parents and sister, Casey, will join us on Thursday for the big feast. This is the first time our immediate families will celebrate a holiday together. I'm so excited. What are your Thanksgiving Day plans?


Christina said...

i so desperately need your help right now! i can't find your email though! can you email me at christinaorso@gmail.com, pretty please!

Lilac Haven said...

Love the one with the feathers. What a great idea. People are so creative. Happy Thanksgiving.

LivKit said...

Love all the table scapes!

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