Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When I first met (well, through email anyway) Megan of Skinny Mirror, I realized we had something in common besides blogging. We both have bird tattoos on our upper back; albeit hers is much larger and more colorful (see here). I love it, and I envy her courage to get a large tattoo. We also both find tattoos addictive. I thought I would never understand how someone could be addicted to getting poked with a needle over and over. Then I tried it. I was hooked. However, my addiction is under control. I only have two small tattoos, but I have at least two more floating around in my head, just itching to be inked into my skin...soon.

This was my first tattoo. I got it with KRuff several years ago (I don't remember when exactly). It's the Pisces sign, which ironically looks like an "H". The four dots represent the members of my immediate family. It's on my right butt cheek, just below my waistline.

These doves were designed by my first college roommate, with whom I am still friends. They are on my upper back, one on either side of my spine. I got them in late 2007 or early 2008, I don't remember exactly. It was a time when I was in a lot of emotional stress and unsure about my future, so they symbolize the freedom to be myself and the courage/faith to make good decisions for my future.

My next tattoo will be the infinity symbol (I've always loved the one above and wanted to do my own version of it). Mr. Ritter and I got married on August 8, 2009 (or 8/8), and I thought it would be the perfect symbol to represent our life together. I have tried without success to talk Mr. Ritter into getting this tattoo with me. But I want to get it on the inside of my left wrist soon...very soon.

My mom, my sisters and I are also planning to get tattoos together. My mom wants us each to get one of these words: faith, hope, love and strength. Mom wants hope. I know Heather wants faith. So Casey and I will have to duke it out for love and strength.

Do you have any tattoos? Feel free to share them with me - hfenner18 [at] yahoo [dot] com.


Emily said...

I have the Chinese symbol for "little brother" on my lower back (in the tramp stamp spot). You can see what it looks like here:

I want another one on my foot. I'm very particular about locations because I want to be able to hide them when needed. But I would definitely get another one if the meaning was there. It has to be special to me to permanently ink it on myself.

Selby said...

Looooove the dove tattoos!!

Anonymous said...

I have 5 (2 back, 1 hip, 1 ankle, 1 foot) and I go for #6 next month (hip and upper thigh). After that I have plans for at least 3 more floating around. I'm VERY picky about placement. I'll know what I want for months but until I decide on the exact spot, I won't get it.

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