Monday, November 22, 2010

v celebrates 30 fabulous years

My beautiful, dear friend Veronika turns 30 today. She is one of the most fun-loving, friendly, caring, sweet and sassy ladies I know. I am so glad that I met her through a mutual friend all those years (I can't remember how many) ago. V, as she's known amongst our friends, is just one of those gals who is always up for anything, always in a good mood, and is an all-around genuine person and friend. Everyone could use a little V in their life.
{It's her party and she'll dance if she wants to.}

This weekend, her BFF (and another dear friend of mine) Kelly hosted a Tiffany's themed party for her. It was fabulous and complete with a Tiffany's blue box cake. Oh, and all of us girls pitched in to get her a Tiffany's gift card, so that she can treat herself to the Tiffany's key necklace she's been wanting.

 {The deliciously fabulous Tiffany's blue box cake.}

Happy birthday, doll! I hope 30 is your best year yet! Love you times life.

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