Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what-to-wear wednesday: indian summer

Indian Summer

In Columbus, we've been experiencing a mild Indian summer. Temps this week have hit the mid to high 60s and the sun is shining, which makes me a happy girl. It's great weather for throwing a light cardigan over short sleeves rather than a heavy jacket. This outfit is comfy and chic for heading to class, meeting friends for a drink after work, or hitting the mall on the weekend. And it incorporates so many of my favorite things (which I already own): a scarf, boots, leggings, a cardigan, go-to jewelry, and a t-shirt. It's just a keep-it-simple outfit.

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Emily said...

Okay, I would never think to throw an olive green cardigan over a navy blue striped shirt and I would never think to wear that patterned scarf with it either! I think about you all of the time now when I stare at my closet and try to get "creative" with the clothes I already have. But then I remember I'm NOT creative with my clothes! But your blogs do inspire me to try to be. :)

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