Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: New Year's Resolutions

Back on November 1, I had decided to start my New Year's resolutions early (read here). Since then I have gotten back into a semi-regular workout schedule and I'm feeling much better about myself. Now that I'm on winter break from my classes, I just have work and cheerleading, so I'm able to be home more with Mr. Ritter, and it's been nice to be able to get some stuff done around the house. Mr. Ritter and I have determined a plan of attack to pay off our debt, so hopefully we'll be starting a house fund by summertime. The others are works in progress (it's only been a month), but I know I'm going to struggle the most with saying "no," and not feeling bad about it, when I just don't have the time to fit anything else into my schedule.

So here are a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2011:
  • Get a new tattoo (or two)
  • Pay off all credit card debt
  • Go skydiving
  • Plan a masquerade party
  • Go on vacation (at least twice)
  • Start grad school
  • Run another half marathon
  • Read all the books on my book list
  • Meet more bloggers in person (I'm meeting some Columbus-area bloggers for dinner on Monday. If you're in the area and want to join, I can give you details!)
That should keep me busy for awhile.


MishMish said...

I've wanted a new tattoo for a while and got another one this year for my b'day - love it!! And similar to a masquerade party I've always wanted to host a murder mystery party. Have you ever done one of those??

Holly said...

No, I've never done a murder mystery party. It sounds like it would be a killer time...ha, get it? I crack myself up. But seriously, I think that would be a really fun party to throw!

Christina said...

callie just told me you have family in summerville, sc!? my gosh that's where i grew up! (well from 13-18) :)

cal ;) said...

holls, a murder mystery party is SO much fun! i've thrown them and been to them...good times. :)

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