Thursday, December 2, 2010

i hate the word "panties"

But I love Victoria's Secret even though that's what they call their undies. And every year I look forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Really, I just want a pair of wings! Who doesn't? Here are some of my favorite wings from this year's show:

 {one of my favorite angels}

 {and another}

 {this would be one sexy halloween costume, no?}

 {all photos via google. no copyright intended.}

And I am always impressed by the Angels' ability to waltz so gracefully down the runway in those ridiculously high heels wearing only skivvies and giant wings. Those girls are good, and gorgeous. It was nice to hear Les Wexner pay tribute to his alma mater by playing "Hang on Sloopy" for Buckeye fans during the show. I think that was Mr. Ritter's favorite part because he went to bed right after that. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

Did you watch the show? What were your favorite wings?


meganrobideau said...

Aren't those wings intense! We hear about them all the time at work (and of course the fashion show itself) - you wouldn't believe how much some of them weight...

ps - last year they gave a pair away..something to keep your eye out for ;P

Megan said...

I just watched it and was so blown away as usual. How on earth do they strut so fiercely in those shoes?!?!? I am super jealous.

cal ;) said...

panties is also one of my least favorite words!! the only time i watched the vs fashion show was when i lived with you, but i sure do love those wings.

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